• Gift Cards!

    So you got a little sidetracked. And, whoops, it's December 24th! Relaaaax. And give them a Headline Shirts Gift Card! You can create one right now, in amounts from $25 to $200. Let 'em pick their own damn gift!
    Problem Solved!

    The US and Cuba have shaken hands. But we're worried. How long until they're all drinking Starbucks and driving Priuses? Keep Cuba weird! That's our new tee -- and you can pre-order for just $20 right now!
    Get This Shirt, Weirdo!

    We had two bags of catnip, seven tins of Friskies, and a whole galaxy of plush toys, teasers, danglers, scratchers, and cat grass... Hit the open road with our "Hunter S. Tomcat" tee!
    This is Cat Country!
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