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Original Chronic

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So why the heck did we make this?

We've all heard the legend about George Washington: “I cannot tell a lie, father. I did cut down the cherry tree." But I'll bet you didn't know his next words were, "That's what you get for smokin' my s--t." It's true! OK, maybe we embellished a little. (Critics would say it was more likely a plum tree.) But there's no disputing the fact: George Washington was the original Chronic. No disrespect to Dre. "The Chronic" was a seminal hip hop album. But he's got nothing on GW. The guy was growing acres of weed more than 200 years before Dre was starting his "shiny disco suit" phase with the World Class Wreckin Cru. That's some serious OG cred. Sure, you can talk all you want about how he technically grew hemp, which was valued for it for its fiber to make rope, paper, and clothing. Haters always gonna hate. Fact is, they didn't used to call it "Mount Vernon Skunk Juice" for nothing.