Slot Machine Wallet


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• Printed Vinyl Wallet • Includes ID Window • 6 Pocket Bill Fold • Maximum Capacity of $2,500.00 • Ships in 24 hours

Alright, this is it, last quarter. I just know this thing is about to spill. Come on big money, daddy needs a new Range Rover! (Or he at least needs enough cash for the $5.99 hotel buffet.) OK, here we go... Ka-chunk... Ping!... Ping!... Ping! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Holy crap. Holy crap. HOOO-LEEE CRAP! I hit three mandrills! One of the rarest hits in all of slots! JACKPOT!!! Have you ever heard such a glorious sound? I can't believe this. I haven't even seen a mandrill once on this machine -- and I've been playing it for the past 48 hours. Now I hit three in one spin! Karma is truly smiling on me today. This almost makes up for losing my Range Rover at the poker tables.