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Baboon Beanie - Maroon


Even though our late founder, Headline von Shirticus, would roll in his grave if he heard us say it, sometimes a t-shirt just isn't enough. In fact, for those living in the South Pole or Minnesota, going outside often requires more than just a t-shirt. (Weird, huh?) And even if you don't live in the South Pole or Minnesota, sometimes you just want to pamper your noggin with some extra coziness.

We get it! Introducing the Typing Baboon Beanie from Headline Shirts! This durable yet super-soft beanie is embroidered with our signature "typing baboon" on the front, making it the ideal accessory for getting people to go, "Whoa, where the hell did you get that?" And it's available in three great colors: ash grey, black and maroon.

Wear it in the winter to keep your melon warm. Wear it in the spring because you don't feel like taking it off. Hell, wear it in the summer because you're a badass and you don't take your hat off for nobody!

About Our Products

• 12" cuffed beanie • Acrylic knit • Embroidered with our signature "typing baboon" • For best results, place on head