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Baboon In Motion

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So why the heck did we make this?

We are here today to conduct a photographic exploration of animal locomotion. This stop-motion investigation will show a series of consecutive images of a baboon walking. OK let's get started. As you can see, the baboon moves on the ground quadrupedally, taking short, compact strides. Baboons generally do not walk on their knuckles like apes. Notice how she is constantly aware of her surround--

Wait, why is she stopping? What's that in front of her? Is that a... typewriter? It is. How'd that get there? Now she seems to be sitting down. This is highly unusual behavior -- even for an olive baboon, which is one of the least understood species. OK now she's actually typing. Are we getting this? Thank God. Can we get a view as to what she's typing?

OK it's coming into view now. It looks like she's typed the words... "Stop... taking... my... picture... Jackass." Well, there you have it. Clearly this lower primate has no interest in furthering the cause of science.

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