Baboon Skull & Crossbones
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Baboon Skull & Crossbones

Women's Cotton/Poly Ringer Tee

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What's that on the horizon?

'Tis the most terrifying scourge of the Seven Seas! Baboon pirates! Ye hath not known fear until ye has had ye's vessel commandeered by a gang a marauding primate buccaneers!

What plunder do they seek? Gold doubloons? Rum? Weapons? None of the above! What use hath a ground-dwelling omnivore for gold doubloons? Ye see, they raid ye vessel just for the ho of it!

Away ye go now! Keep constant watch. By the time you see that jolly roger, it's already too late!

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  • Eco-friendly manufacturing using eco-friendly inks and compostable packaging
  • Made in USA in the great state of California
  • Exclusive Headline Shirts VintageBlend™ tee
  • Designed and hand-sewn for premium quality and fit
  • Outrageously soft cotton / poly fabric

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Baboon Skull & Crossbones

Women's Cotton/Poly Ringer Tee

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