Bamboo Shades - White


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When we say Bamboo Shades, we're not talking about the kind you install on your windows. We mean shades. Like, sunglasses. Check out these classic specs with a twist -- 100% bamboo legs. They come in four delicious styles: black, white, blue and tortoise shell.

Just be careful when wearing around pandas. Because pandas eat bamboo. And, little known fact, pandas are actually total jerks. Seriously, don't believe all that "cute baby panda" hype you see on the news. It's all propaganda by the Big Panda lobby.

But don't worry about all that! Panda attacks are pretty rare, especially in countries that don't have pandas. Just get yourself a pair of these shades and wait for the jealous comments to roll in! (Maybe avoid zoos though.)

About Our Products

• Polarized gradient lenses • 100% UVA/UVB protection • Made with real bamboo • Imported • Ships in 24 hours • Avoid wearing around pandas

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Bamboo Shades - White


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