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Boombox Kid's T-Shirt

Kid's T-Shirt
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iPods are great and all, but what have we lost?

Sorry if we start to get a little misty-eyed. It's just that this old-school boombox design gets us thinking back. Back in the day, that is. When LL was still sportin' a Kangol and penning odes to his radio. The Beastie Boys -- before they got all Buddhist on us -- were still acting like the world's funnest drunks on stage. And a waterfall-haired Salt-N-Pepa were teaching a eager nation how to "push it... push it good."

Back then, the boombox was king! Who needed iPods and earbuds? Used properly, a boombox allowed not just you but the entire neighborhood to enjoy "Fight the Power" on level 9! I mean, why deprive the world of that?

While we can't promise that this t-shirt will turn you into the second coming of Radio Raheem from Do the Right Thing, it will make you the envy of the block.

About this Product:

  • Exclusive Headline Shirts VintageBlend™ kids tee designed and hand-sewn for premium quality and fit

  • Made in USA in the great state of California

  • Outrageously soft cotton / poly fabric. (Even kids will notice.)

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing using eco-friendly inks and compostable packaging

  • In stock and ships in 24 hours