Caution: Loose Seal
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Caution: Loose Seal


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What happened to your hand?

Caution! A loose seal has been spotted in this area. Swim at your own risk. While seals are not typically known as man eaters, this particular seal seems to have developed a taste for mammal blood. (In a possibly related story, several terminal cats have gone missing from the local SPCA chapter.)

There has already been one confirmed attack, in which the seal bit a swimmer's hand off. The victim said the seal was wearing a yellow bowtie. It should be noted that, while he seemed very sure of himself, this could well have been the deranged mutterings of a shock victim. (Incidentally he also seemed to confuse his own mother for a loose seal, so take that for whatever it's worth.)

Nevertheless, exercise caution. And remember, "If you see yellow, swim like hellow!"

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Caution: Loose Seal


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