Curb Your Dog Socks

OS Men's Crew Sock

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Look man, I'm happy that you love your dog. He's adorable in that "labored nasal breathing" kind of way. But could you do me a favor and take care of that, um, "deposit" he just made in front of my house? That'd be great.

Nothing against dogs. I love dogs. And I don't even mind that yours is blatantly off leash and humping my leg -- just moments after taking a dump on my front stoop. But, you know, maybe you could be a good neighbor and clean that crap up.

Just a friendly request.

About Our Products

  • Men's one size crew socks
  • Cotton/Poly/Spandex blend
  • Made for extreme softness and comfort
  • Designed specifically for bi-pedal primates
  • Turns regular feet into "Feets of Greatness"™

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Curb Your Dog Socks

OS Men's Crew Sock

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