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Comments & General Banter

English Bulldog

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What makes this dog a proper Englishman?

Good day, chap! Please to make your acquaintance, I am the English Bulldog. Say, I don't mean to whinge but I'm afraid I have a bone to pick. I feel that I am often confused for that curious-mongrel cousin of mine, the French Bulldog. What a load of codswallop! I'm sorry, please do excuse my language. I'm afraid this overcast weather has put me in dour spirits. It put paid to a cricket match which I was most excited about.

Where was I? Ah yes, my cousin. You see, if I may speak bluntly, we're simply more dignified. We do not engage in all the slap and tickle of the -- shall we say -- less fortunate breeds of bulldog.

That is not to say we do not get along. Clearly we have an affection for them, considering we came to their rescue in the War. But let us not get into that. If there's one thing we do not like to do, it's live in the past. Do you like my bespoke suit?

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