Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6' 2".
Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6' 2". Click to view our sizing chart

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Fun Sized Napoleon

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $5.00


Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $5.00

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Do you have a Napoleon Complex?

Here are five fun facts about Napoleon!

1. Napoleon was one of history's great military geniuses, but he is perhaps best known for his tri-blend of vanilla-chocolate-strawberry ice cream.

2. Napoleon is traditionally depicted with his hand in his waistcoat. The reason? He had really itchy breasts.

3. While no one had the guts to tell him, Napoleon had really shitty handwriting.

4. Despite dying in 1821, Napoleon would briefly come back to life in 1989 to help two slackers with their high school history presentation.

5. Despite being remembered as short, Napoleon was actually fun-sized. He made a point of telling everyone this.

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $5.00


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