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God's Wrath

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So why the heck did we make this?

An artist helping to restore Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes made a startling discovery yesterday. Underneath the surface layer of the "Creation of Adam" section, he noticed an earlier version of the work in which God is seen extending his hand to Adam in a much different pose.

"In the original version, God was not giving life to Adam -- he was giving him the finger," said Adriano De Luca, the artist who made the discovery. "And it's no accident. Michelangelo even 'pixelated' His hand, as if it were being blurred out. Kind of like you'd see on an episode of 'TMZ' or 'Cops.'"

No one is certain how Michelangelo knew about the middle finger -- let alone pixels or computers -- more than four centuries before the gesture came to be. But experts immediately began speculating on its meaning.

"Perhaps Michelangelo is using a visual metaphor to represent the complexities of man's covenant with God," said Peter Liebert, author of The Complete Works of Michelangelo. "Or maybe he was just having a really shitty day."

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