Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6' 2".
Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6' 2". Click to view our sizing chart


Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00


Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00

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What makes you a "Goose"?

Talk to me, Goose... Talk to me, Goose!!

Ah, there you are. Yup, you're clearly a "Goose." You're a fiercely loyal wingman (or wingwoman) -- whether it be in a jet or at the bar. But make no mistake, you're nobody's sidekick. You're too much of a free spirit for that.

Granted, you may not be "top dog." But that's never been your ambition. You're not on some obsessive mission to be "the best" (unlike that psychotic best friend of yours). You're just out to have a good time. People can take it or leave it -- you're not going to change.

Plus, all the ladies secretly like you the best.

I just wish you didn't have to die, man!

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00


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