Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6' 2".
Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6' 2". Click to view our sizing chart

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Great White Buffalo Sweatshirt

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Why did we make a great white buffalo t-shirt?

Welcome back to This American Wilderness. Today we're talking about the great white buffalo, known to many naturalists as "the one that got away" because of its elusiveness. Here's a rare shot of one! As you can see, she has separated herself from the herd and is grazing on the other side of the fence, tantalizingly close but yet so far.

This commentator once encountered a great white buffalo. She was a Russian exchange student named Pavlina. She took a shine to this commentator, not seeming to care what a nerd he was. This commentator gathered what little courage he had and was set to ask her to the prom, only to have varsity linebacker Kyle McAllister sweep her up before he could.

When last this commentator checked on Facebook, Pavlina was grazing in Midtown Manhattan with her investment-banker husband and three spoiled calves. Kyle McAllister was a bouncer.

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