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History of Lighting

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So why the heck did we make this?

Here we have a brief timeline of lighting technology throughout history. As you can see, our early ancestors used one of the most basic forms of lighting, the torch, to free them from the blindness of night. It was not until around 400 A.D. that the first candles were used. They would remain the primary form of man-made lighting for centuries.

In the late 18th Century, oil lamps came into vogue -- using whale oil, and later kerosene. Of course, the greatest single advancement in lighting technology was the first light bulb in 1879. Since then, humans further improved upon this invention to make electric lighting safer, brighter, and more efficient.

That is, of course, until 2012, when it all went to shit, as foretold by the Mayans. So now we're back to the torch thing. Speaking of which, why the hell am I even here talking to you about this? I should be scavenging for rations in the rubble of a former Walmart. Or killing zombies. Anything but this.

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