Our History

Headline Shirts was founded in 2005 in a dusty, ramshackle garage in San Francisco. (All of which is true except the thing about the garage.) Having started at the peak of the Bush years, our early t-shirt designs reflected the mood of the country -- politically charged and kind of crazy. Before long, though, we found politics to be a bit polarizing. So we set about making intelligently funny tees that everyone could enjoy -- be they a pussyfooting Hollywood liberal or a gun-crazed redneck from Waco.

As business grew, we started selling our shirts wholesale and our tees can now be found in major retailers and boutiques throughout the world (and elsewhere, but that's another story).

In 2008, having outgrown our humble digs and forgotten who all of our friends were, we moved to a new headquarters at the "blossoming" intersection of 17th and Capp Street in San Francisco. (Shot in the dark, if you happen to be the punk who keeps tagging our windows, could you knock it off?)

Of course you don't get this big just selling t-shirts. Today our catalog includes hoodies, belt buckles, wallets and -- coming soon -- shoulder bags!