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What's the danger of being a charmer?

What can I say, I'm a charmer. People find me pleasing and delightful, even when I'm being neither of those things. I've just got an uncanny charisma that people can't ignore, even if they want to.

Take the cobra in this sealed wicker basket, for instance. Now, I've never handled a cobra. I've never even seen one in person. I literally know nothing about cobras. But I know that there snake charmers out there who are able to hold them under a spell. And if all it takes is a little charm, this should be easy. I'm gonna open the basket now, ready?

OK, that didn't go as planned. The snake did not find me pleasing or delightful. In fact, it bit my face. Can someone Google if cobras are venomous? Oop, never mind. I can feel the paralysis kicking in. Can someone Google "cobra antivenom?" Like, quickly?

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I'm A Charmer


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