Jackalope Cap

Trucker Cap

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So you think jackalopes aren't real? That they're just some myth of North American folklore, like Chupacabra, or Sasquatch, or people who still pay money to see Adam Sandler movies? Well, think again! Jackalopes are real. How do we know? We saw one! We were on Route 66, about 40 miles outside Flagstaff when he jumped out of nowhere. He ran straight for us and tried to ram our car with his antlers!

OK, he didn't exactly try to ram us. But he did approach us in a very threatening way. Or not so much "approach" us as just sort of... posture at us. Or maybe he ran away as soon as he saw us. It all happened so quickly!

But he definitely had antlers, just like an antelope. No doubt on that.

Or more like horns, I guess. Pointy... hairy... horns. That he could hear out of.

Alright, fine, maybe it wasn't a jackalope. But we still say they're real.

About Our Products

- 5-panel trucker hat with adjustable snapback
- Foam front with printed graphic
- Mesh backing for increased ventilation while you're trucking
- Slightly curved bill
- Approved for use by non-truck-drivers as well

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Jackalope Cap

Trucker Cap

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