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Let's All Go to the Party

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So why the heck did we make this?

We're a sucker for 50s retro. Still, it's nice to update an old classic for today's youth to enjoy. "Let's all go to the lobby" might have played well in 1953. But today's BitTorrent-crazy kids have probably never seen the inside of a movie theater, let alone the lobby. So forget the lobby — let's all go to the party!

And of course, we'll need to update the cast of characters. Goodbye, popcorn, candy and soda. Hello, cigarettes, 40 ounce and dime bag! These ain't your grandma's refreshments!

Actually, we don't know that about your grandma. I mean, not all grandmas are about sewing circles and ribbon candy. Maybe yours was this awesome, hard-partying babe back in the day. Hell, maybe she still is. We're not saying that anyone should buy this shirt for their grandma. Just that, you know, even grandmas were young once. You'd be surprised.

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