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So why the heck did we make this?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Eh. Maybe. But what the world really needs now is loot, sweet loot. So we at Headline Shirts propose that from now on, all of English-speaking society should substitute the word "loot" for "love."

Make no mistake, this will be a massive undertaking. Just think of all the pop songs, movies, public monuments and sappy greeting cards that use the term love. All of them will need to be changed. The expression "Love thy neighbor" will now be "Loot thy neighbor." Love Park in Philadelphia will become Loot Park. The song "All You Need Is Love" will have to be re-recorded to say "All You Need Is Loot." (Who's going to do that? Ringo?)

But even with all these technical challenges, we think it's totally worth it. We need to get into a "looting" frame of mind. (And not just when the Lakers win the championship.) We must never forget: Loot conquers all!

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