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Luchador Tricycle

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Is that a Luchador... on a trike?

Look, don't ask. OK fine, here's what happened. He had his big match against El Hijo scheduled for tonight. He'd been training for months to get down to Super Middleweight, going so far as to cut out fried snacks. He'd been wearing his wrestling tights since Tuesday -- even to church on Sunday -- so as to steel himself mentally.

And then, tonight -- tonight of all nights -- his '91 Nissan Sentra decides to break down!

But if you thought a little car trouble was going to keep this luchador down, you've got another thing coming. You don't become the master of aerial attack without learning how to improvise. In this case, by commandeering you nephew's tricycle.

And look at him go! He is not to be denied. I sure hope El Hijo came to fight, because he is about to square off against a highly determined foe! That is, if he can make it to the gym by 8:15. Sure hope there aren't any more hills.

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