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Mission Taco

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Are you a hipster?

The problem with ranting against "Mission hipsters" is that everyone is one, and nobody admits to being one. So if you're still grappling with whether you qualify, here's a quick test:

1. Do you sometimes call Ritual Roasters "the office?" (Add 1 point.)
2. Does your schnoodle also have an ironic sweater? (Add 2 points.)
3. Do you know what a Bicycle Music Festival is? (Add 2 points.)
4. Do you keep a journal of your Muni travels? (Add 1 point.)
5. Are you looking for a publisher? (Add 3 points.)
6. Do you refer to anything east of Valencia as "the deep Mission"? (Add 1 point.)
7. Did your last "political rally" concern the opening of an American Apparel store in the neighborhood? (Add 1 point.)
8. Were you wearing an American Apparel product at the time? (Add 2 points.)
9. Do you know who Cesar Chavez was? (Subtract 2 points.)

If you totaled 7 or more points, congrats! You're officially part of the problem.

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