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Regular Price: $28.00

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Are you new to San Francisco?

New in town? Here are some tips and rules to ensure a safe and pleasant MUNI ride:

1. No radios are allowed on MUNI. Apparently that doesn't apply to the refrigerator-sized gentleman next to you. (Our condolences, by the way, and we hope you enjoy Too Short.)

2. Do not distract the driver while the bus is moving, particularly if he's already on a phone call, in the middle of a fistfight, or both.

3. If you need to catch the bus but you're not near a bus stop, don't be afraid to "hail one down," like a cab. (Remember, San Francisco has free health insurance.)

4. The front seats are for seniors, persons with disabilities, and able-bodied assholes who pretend not to know any better.

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00


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