Needs More Guitars
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Needs More Guitars


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Is there such thing as too many guitars?

We love multi-necked guitars. Other than overdosing on heroin, there's no better symbol of 70s rock excess (and without the nasty side effect of death). Think Jimmy Page in The Song Remains the Same. Or the Eagles' Don Felder on "Hotel California." Or just about every band member in Rush. (Yes, we know, Rush.)

But why stop at two necks? Or three? Or four? Or five? No no no. Give us six! Think we're crazy? Then ask yourself: What better way to separate the true guitar gods from the mere guitar mortals? If someone could shred this thing effectively on stage, they would instantly be like the guitar Zeus.

Because let's face it, rock music has gotten a bit nuanced in recent years. It needs a good, swift kick in the skinny-jeaned ass. And this is just the guitar to do it. In short: Needs more guitars!

NOTE: As it happens, Hutchins Guitars makes a really cool, six-headed guitar similar to this one called The Beast. It was even exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

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Needs More Guitars


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