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OK, fine. I'm not perfect. For starters, I can be kind of a jerk. (Though I prefer to be thought of as "territorial.") And, I'll admit, I'm not the most faithful partner in the world. I may have turned on a defenseless zookeeper or two. (But never one who didn't have it coming.) And yes, I may have eaten my own cubs from time to time. (Come on, you were young once!)

But what do you expect? I'm a tiger, dammit! If you want me to change my stripes, you need to brush up on your ancient proverbs because that ain't happenin'.

Truth is, I got no regrets. Nada! OK, except maybe that dolphin tattoo I got on my back after losing a bet. I guess I sometimes dwell on that. But otherwise, no regrets!

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  • Printed Vinyl Wallet
  • Includes ID Window
  • 6 Pocket Bill Fold
  • Maximum Capacity of $2,500.00

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No Regrets Wallet


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