Not So Fast Patch


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Whooooa, slow down there, partner! Why the rush? I know we're all in a hurry these days -- what with our smartphones and Uber rides -- but sometimes it helps to just take it slow. Stop and smell the leaves, as they say. (Sloths don't have much use for roses.)

Seriously though, when was the last time you just did nothing? See, I do it all the time. Some days I just hang there, for hours and hours. You'd think it might get boring, but I love it. It lets me just be alone with my thoughts.

Hey, where'd you go? Dammit, I hate when that happens.

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Not So Fast Patch


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  • Overall Rating
  • Kirsten
  • Rating:
  • 4/14/17
  • A fun little patch...
  • I just find this little sloth to be charming. Have not yet decided where it belongs, perhaps on my winter running jacket?
  • Casper
  • Rating:
  • 9/12/16
  • Looks spiffy on my purse.
  • I have the "Not So Fast" patch on one side of my purse and the "Hugs" patch on the other, so that face out the patch that best describes how I am feeling.
    Love the patch, so I gave it 5 stars, but I had to sew it on as the "iron on" glue doesn't seem to be all that strong.

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