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So why the heck did we make this?

Crop circles. An age-old mystery. Just where do they come from? Are they the work of aliens? Do strange magnetic forces create them? Or perhaps some ancient, scythe-wielding centaur is to blame? The truth is, even though crop circles were years ago proven to be man-made hoaxes, we may never know the answer.

Take this crop circle formation, which appeared in a wheat field in the Netherlands last June. It looks like a pepperoni pizza. Are they aliens trying to tell us something? Do they intend to plunder our pizza reserves? Is pizza the key to unlocking the mystery of Stonehenge? Or do the aliens simply enjoy pizza?

Or what if the scythe-wielding centaur made it? After all, the Ancient Greeks had a flat bread called plakous, which was roughly similar to pizza. Just saying, it's possible he did it. But what would be his angle? See, there are so many possibilities but very few answers!

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Pizza Crop Circles


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