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So why the heck did we make this?

Introducing the SH-680 Silencer, the next generation of firearm suppressor from Prop-Tec Arms. There is no silencer like it on the market today. Unlike traditional silencers, the SH-680 attaches inside the barrel of your pistol or rifle. When the trigger is fired, the SH-680 suppresses noise and muzzle flash to literally nothing.

How does it work? Instead of firing a round of ammunition, the SH-680 projects itself out of the barrel of the gun and unloads its patent-pending core technology, a flag that says "Shhhh!" It's so quiet, your target will have no idea what hit it.

The SH-680 Silencer is just the latest in a long line of outside-the-box innovations from Prop-Tec, including the Kaleidoscope Sniper Scope and the Real-Banana-Clip high-capacity magazine (made from actual bananas).

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  • Made in USA in the great state of California
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