Model is 6'0" and 153 lbs. He is wearing a size small.
Model is 6'0" and 153 lbs. He is wearing a size small. Click to view our sizing chart

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Silver Fox

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Are the rumors true?

There we were. On the northern coast of Prince Edward Island. Chasing rumors of the elusive silver fox. The sly devil had become our own white whale, taunting us as we danced down the Baltic River, guided by locals who seemed to take pity on our Marlowian quest.

On the verge of madness, we stopped at a small pond to fill our canteens. Only, we weren't alone. There, impossibly -- as if by some divine act -- stood the pint-sized leviathan. Sipping noiselessly on a marshy bank.

We froze, staring in disbelief. He turned. Casually. Almost as if he had been expecting us. Almost as if to say, "What took you so long?"

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