Squirrel Constellation
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Squirrel Constellation

Women's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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What constellation is this?

Most people know about Orion, Andromeda and the Big Dipper. But there are all kinds of constellations you've probably never even heard of. For instance, this one here is known as Equo-sciuridae, which roughly translates to "saber-wielding badass squirrel riding a horse." (Like we said, roughly.)

In fact, squirrels are a common theme in celestial objects. There's the Squirrel Nebula, squirrelnovae, and SQ-405b (an Earth-like planet where squirrels are the apex predator).

But hey, we could talk squirrelstronomy all day!

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Squirrel Constellation

Women's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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