Konstantin is wearing a size Small. He is 5' 8" and 160 lbs.
Konstantin is wearing a size Small. He is 5' 8" and 160 lbs. Click to view our sizing chart

The Big Four

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Regular Price: $28.00

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Who were the big four at Yalta?

The Yalta Conference -- what a moment in time! The so called "Big Four" getting together to decide the fate of postwar Europe. Who were the Big Four? Well, you had Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. And then of course you had Clucky the Funky Chicken there to provide comic relief.

Many have faulted Churchill and Roosevelt for trusting Stalin at Yalta, saying they "handed over" Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia to the dictator. But rarely is Clucky held to account for his (albeit hilarious) complicity in the matter.

Of course, Clucky just wanted everyone to get along and have a good time. That was his thing. And he was damn good at it. But some say his decision to grab the cap off Stalin's head and pretend to eat it was the move that sealed East Berlin's fate. Then again, it was a classic prank.

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00


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