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The End is Near Bumper Sticker


We at Headline Shirts are not shy about making bold predictions. In fact, we've predicted the end of the world on several occasions. (OK, dozens.) And while we haven't been "wrong," per se, we haven't exactly been "right" either.

Nevertheless, we remain steadfast in our claim! Why, just the other day we saw the ShamWow guy's face in a piece of toast. If that isn't a portentous sign, we don't know what is.

And so we present, our "The End Is Near... Again" bumper sticker! Let everyone know of their impending doom! (This time for real though.)

About Our Products

  • 9"x3" vinyl bumper sticker
  • UV coating
  • Made to withstand plagues of locusts
  • May melt under rain of liquid magmae