Model is 6'0" and 153 lbs. He is wearing a size small.
Model is 5'7" and 115 lbs. She is wearing a size small. Click to view our sizing chart

Wiener Dog

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What's so funny?

Hot dogs! Fresh hot dogs here! Step right up, folks, don't be shy! Miss, what can I get ya?

What? What's so funny? Oh, I get it. Alright, let's just get it out in the open. YES, IT'S A WIENER DOG SELLIN' WIENERS! Haha, very funny. I'm so glad I could amuse you. But you know what's not so amusing, lady? You making fun of my livelihood when I have a litter of pups at home to support.

And by the way, people don't say wiener dog any more. They say dachshund. Now you want mustard on that or what?

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