Apocalyptic Beach Ball

Beach Ball

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Well people, as we say every year around this time, The End is near! And this time for real. (Sorry for last year's false alarm. We traced it to a long-division error. Who remembers how to do long division anyway?)

So what are you doing in front of a computer! In a few days, our physical beings will all be turned to vapor, and those expense spreadsheets will be of no consequence. Go to the beach! Enjoy our last days!

In fact, we've got the perfect accessory for your trip -- our Apocalyptic Beach Ball! It's the last beach ball you'll ever own.

About Our Products

  • 24" diameter beach ball
  • Convenient "We're All Gonna Die" message to warn of impending doom
  • Not guaranteed to travel with you into the afterlife
  • Re-inflatable

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Apocalyptic Beach Ball

Beach Ball

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