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Women's Triblend Slouchy Tee

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This item is discontinued, out of stock and gone forever.
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About this product

Talk about a deep read! This guy swears he's got a "reading problem." He's always in the middle of, like, eight books at a time. He's what you call a bibliophile! Well, technically he's a cephalopod. But secondarily he's a bibliophile.

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Women's Triblend Slouchy Tee

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"She liked it!" (In the voice of that Lemur from Madagascar that says: "I like them!")
She once said that it would be helpful to be like an Octopus so that she could smack someone that needed it 8 times! Plus she loves to read books! She absolutely loves to read books!! So there you have it! She is the type of person that could read 8 books at a time!! Awesome shirt!!

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