Billy Goat Viking
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Billy Goat Viking


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Oh, so you think goats are cute and harmless?

Not sure how we didn't notice this sooner, but goats are the Vikings of the animal kingdom. Think about it: pale hair, long beards, steely gaze. And, of course, horns on the head. They're totally Vikings.

Granted, goats may not have the same demeanor as actual Vikings. Vikings were known for marauding and pillaging. Goats are known for, like, eating hay. Vikings are popularly known as ruthless killers. We have yet to meet a goat that we would describe as "ruthless." And Vikings conquered by sea. Goats, as best we know, don't enjoy getting wet.

Actually, we take back what we said about goats not being ruthless. Once, when we were on a field trip to the petting zoo, there was this goat who chased us around his pen trying to bite us. It never quite got us, but the mental scars are still fresh as yesterday. So yeah... Vikings.

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Billy Goat Viking


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