Craft Beer Koozie

Can Koozie
This item is discontinued, out of stock and gone forever.
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About this product

Are you snobby enough to use our "Craft Beer" Koozie? Take our quiz to find out!

-- Have you ever pitched a tent to wait in line for 8 ounces of a seasonal ale?
-- Did you use the term "mouthfeel" more than five times in the past week?
-- Have you ended friendships over whether a pint glass or tulip glass is the appropriate vessel?
-- When you were a baby, did you keep tasting notes on your mother's breast milk?
-- Do you detect notes of chicory, oatmeal and seaweed?

If you answered YES to at least three of these questions, congratulations! You're officially a craft beer snob. If you only scored two or less, we're sorry, but it doesn't look like you're "craft beer snob" material. Go have another Coors Light. Pfffft!

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  • Holds most 12-16 oz. Cans, Longnecks & Water Bottles
  • Instantly turns cheap beer into pretentious craft beer.
  • WARNING: May cause involuntary use of words like "sessionable" and "mouthfeel."


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Craft Beer Koozie

Can Koozie

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