Crooked Heart
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Crooked Heart


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Don't have a heart? We've got options...

Why a crooked heart? Because some of the coolest things in life are crooked. Think of the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Or Lombard Street in San Francisco. How boring would they be if they were straight?

Seriously though, you don't see many people lining up to drive "The Straightest Street in America." (Incidentally North Dakota Highway 46 has that distinction.) And if you had to name a "famous straight building," nothing exactly jumps to mind. But crooked -- now that's interesting. It's perfectly imperfect.

Even crooked cops can be cool. So long as they're crooked in the Dirty Harry, "play by their own rules to kill the bad guys" kind of way. Not the cops who smash your headlight and fine you for it, like that jerk sheriff in Porky's. So anyway, a crooked heart.

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Crooked Heart


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