Donald J. Turd Sticker

This item is discontinued, out of stock and gone forever.
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About this product

Limited-time offer! Get two Donald J. Turd stickers FREE with purchase of our "Swipe Left" tee while supplies last.

Looks Like Someone Made a Mess

Introducing the Donald J. Turd Sticker! This 3"x3" glossy sticker adheres to just about any surface, including laptops, water bottles, border walls, bankruptcy forms, and the forehead of anyone who has the audacity to bring up a terrible thing you once said about women or ethnic minorities.

It's also great for covering up "Made in China" labels on products you've lent your name to.

Warning: The Trump Turd likes to "tell it like it is," so he may occasionally spout xenophobic bile or call everyone around you a loser. (But in a cute way!)

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  • 3"x3" glossy sticker
  • Not a scratch 'n sniff (sorry)
  • Sticks to most surfaces, including border walls
  • May spontaneously call you a loser
  • Made in the USA (unlike Trump's clothing line)


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Donald J. Turd Sticker


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