Dude Jesus

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Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt
USD $24.00

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USD $24.00
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About this product

The Good Dude Bible And then The Dude raised a hand to his followers and said, "Trust in me. I am The Dude. That’s what you call me. That, or His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

And then The Dude blessed a carton of milk. And then he paid for the milk with a checkbook, while wearing his robe and sandals.

And then Saint Walter said unto The Dude, "That rug really tied the room together, did it not?" To which The Dude replied, "Fuckin' ey."

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Dude Jesus

Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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The Dude Abides
Great shirt, True to size, perfect design on the front
The shirt abides...
Now, "dude." That's a name no one would self-apply where I come from, but I have to hand it to him: He knows how to craft a fine t-shirt. And, you know, it kind of makes sense, The Dude and Jesus. It's like Jesus was the man for his times and The Dude is really the man for his times. They both know how to abide. I like there style...they got that "robe" and long-hair thing going on. Jesus was the first hippie, and, well, like The Dude, well....oh, I lost my train of thought there. Anyhow, Let's look at the shirt: It's blue. That's relaxed. Upper chakra kind of thing. It's got the doves - peace - and we know both The Dude and Jesus were pacifists, though I think that Jesus kind of got pissed at the money changers in the Temple and the Dude might have thrown a punch at the nihilists. But in theory - philosophically at least. And the robe and sandals work. And the milk carton. I wonder if Jesus would right a check for a carton of milk, but then again, they didn't have checks back then. Or Milk cartons. Anyway, I digress. The t-shirt. I like it. I have a lot of t-shirts from these fine folks, and I have to say, this one fits a bit smaller than the other ones. I've got that Yoga & Whiskey one to piss of the holier-than-thou yogis and the orthodox whiskey folks. I have one that says something about shooting down drones (I'm not a pacifist). I've got one that has something about Samuel Jackson with a gun and threatening someone who "tweets" (I hate Twitter). I even got a Bernie Sanders t-shirt with a frickin flamethrower. And this one is just as great as those, but it fits a bit smaller. There you go. If you know The Dude or are a Dudist, then you simply need The Shirt. It makes me smile knowing that other dudes might be wearing this shirt out there, somewhere.....

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