Eat Your Veggies
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Eat Your Veggies

Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt
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USD $24.00
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USD $24.00

Eating vegetarian can't be too hard, right?

I thought going vegetarian would be hard, but honestly I haven't missed meat at all. Yesterday I sizzled up some thick-cut, hickory-smoked broccoli with my eggs and it was delicious. Then for lunch, I had an eggplant and swiss sandwich (with broccoli bits, of course).

And for dinner I had the works: a medium-rare carrot loin with mashed potatoes, covered in gravy made from the carrot drippings, and a side of honey-barbeque-glazed turnips. The turnips were literally falling off the bone!

I even had some kale the other day! Though I have to say it kind of gives you the willies to see the kale's eyes and snout staring back at you. But I'm glad I tried it. Eat your veggies!

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Eat Your Veggies

Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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  • Overall Rating
  • Drude
  • Rating:
  • 4/1/17
  • Nicely confusing t-shirt
  • I'm Vegan and love this shirt but like how both Veggies and Carnivores interpret it differently. Conversation piece for sure...
  • Triplestix
  • Rating:
  • 9/24/16
  • Pig Out Shirt
  • Great for Vegans and Carnivors alike!
  • Rating:
  • 9/21/16
  • Vegan meat
  • Vegan and Meat eaters both love this shirt.

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