Flying Squirrel

Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt
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USD $24.00
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USD $24.00

Have you ever seen one of these?

There it is -- the elusive flying squirrel! What luck to be able to see one so closely! The name flying squirrel is actually a misnomer. They don't really fly so much as glide between trees by extending a furry membrane attached to their legs.

But hey, don't tell that to this guy! Clearly he's a flying ace. He looks ready to cross the Atlantic! Or maybe go on a bombing raid over a heavily fortified bird feeder.

And why shouldn't he be a little bit cocky? Flying squirrels are basically the Wright Brothers of Rodentia. Ooh, "Wright Brothers of Rodentia" would be a good band name. And this guy could be their mascot! Nice.

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Flying Squirrel

Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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  • Overall Rating
  • KC
  • Rating:
  • 8/14/16
  • Unique beyond belief!
  • Someone will comment on the shirt just about every time I wear it! I wanted to buy one for a friend, but you stopped caring it yellow.
  • Fun Shirt
  • Rating:
  • 8/10/16
  • My husband liked the first shirt so much, we bought a duplicate.
  • Great "Flying Squirrel" shirt. Always makes us smile any time my husband wears it.
  • waxwing
  • Rating:
  • 6/29/16
  • Fabulous Flying Squirrel
  • This t-shirt arrived quickly and our friend loved this clever character.

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