Gay AF

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Special Price: USD $18.00

Unisex Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

Regular Price: USD $28.00

Special Price: USD $18.00

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Regular Price: USD $28.00

Special Price: USD $18.00

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About this product

They don't call it Pride for nothing. There's no awards for subtlety here. If this were a time for or innuendo, they would call it the "Beat Around the Bush" Parade. And even though that sounds vaguely dirty and intriguing, that's not what this is about. This is about P-R-I-D-E.

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The Details

Product Type Men's T-Shirt

Neckline Crew Neck

Fit Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight

Fabric Content Poly/Cotton, Sewn in Mexico, Screenprinted in California



*Length measured from garment when it is laid flat

Designed By Us, From Scratch

Hand Screenprinted In California

Made From the Softest Poly/Cotton Fabric

Finished With A Neck Print, Not A Tag


Overall Rating

Gay AF

Unisex Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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  • Overall Rating
The great looking Tees worn by the great looking people
I get great comments from the "I'm a jelly donut' Tee that I bought on sale
more than a year ago. Also bought a bunch for Christmas presents last year.... By the way... you have the best looking people... Clutch the pearls girl... especially ... NICK .... vapors... I got me some vapors...
looking at the chassy...
I'm a big fan!
Yes, you read that right. Either folks get it right away, or they ask (like my 84 year-old mother), "What does AF mean? Which just makes it better. Again, small complaint: What could be improved is a slightly larger neck hole on the larger sizes. I'm a big guy, and the rest of the shirt fits great, but it seems like the necks on the HL shirts are small.
So comfy and fun design
Bought this for one of my sons for his birthday. He loves the 'Gay Af' design and is proud to wear it. I love that you made it for kids who are out, proud, and have a sense of humor.
So fabulously comfy
Makes my husband crazy that I am so comfortable with my gayness. But we are what we are. This shirt is brilliant and I get lots of straight people asking how to get one
Best Mom Ever!
My mom sent me this shirt to wear on a visit with my dad whom believes I'm "just confused"!! Keep up the great designs!
The Chad
Great shirt!
saw this shirt and HAD to have it, only had XL at the time, but it turned out to be big enough, love it

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