Women's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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Why Did We Design This?

Voiceover of Henry the Pug

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a good dog. I'll never forget that first time I wandered into the Kennel Klub. There was Jimmy the Lab, Tommy DeSchnauzer, Frankie the Bone, Snubnose Sammy, and Rocky Two Times, who got that name because he always barked at everything twice.

We had it all, just for the asking. Loving owners, dog parks, squeaky toys, all the table scraps we could eat. I had a doggie bowl full of jerky treats next to the bed. Anything I wanted was a "ruff ruff" away.

We called each other "good dogs" because our owners would always ask us, "Who's a good dog?" None of us ever answered because it was a rhetorical question, but we all knew who they meant. Us. And for us to live any other way was nuts.

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Women's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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