Hamilton vs. Burr Men's Socks

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OS Men's Crew Socks
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About this product

It's all come down to this, folks! Two firey competitors with absolutely no love lost for one another! Former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander "The Hammer" Hamilton vs. sitting Vice President "Darin'" Aaron Burr! The Fightin' Federalist vs. the Jousting Jeffersonian!

We all know their history. Burr's had an ax to grind ever since Hamilton's defamatory attacks against him in the New York gubernatorial race. Hamilton has called his opponent everything from despicable to treasonous (not to mention a shitty tipper). And now there's only one way to settle the score! This one is literally going to be life or death!

See it live from the Dueling Grounds in Weehawken, NJ! Get your tickets now because this fight will not be broadcast! (What the heck does "broadcast" mean anyway -- it's 1804!) Walk, paddle or swim your way there! Look for the crowd of people in fancy hats, frilly shirts and uncomfortable looking shoes.

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Hamilton vs. Burr Men's Socks

OS Men's Crew Socks

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