High on Life! (and Also Drugs)

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Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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This item is discontinued, out of stock and gone forever.
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About this product

Who wants to get high? I don't need chemicals to "get high." I'm HIGH ON LIFE! (And also drugs.)

Life is amazing and inspiring by itself. I get a natural high by going for a hike in the woods. Or seeing live music. Or having sex with someone I love. Or volunteering to help the needy. These are all deeply satisfying activities that nourish the soul. It just so happens that all of them are even better on drugs.

So you can keep your alcohol and marijuana -- I don't need it! Because I've already got plenty of my own. But thanks for the offer anyway. Let me know if you ever want to get high on life with me.

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High on Life! (and Also Drugs)

Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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Had to.
I am chronically ill and have to take a TON of medication, some of which makes me pretty loopy. This shirt cracked me up. My first time buying a mens style shirt instead of ladies and it still fit great. I do wish there was a ladies offering that wasn't the ringer tee, which is too short for my freakishly long torso. Otheriwse, extremely happy with my purchase!

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