"Eighty percent of success is wearing the right t-shirt."
- Atticus Von Headline

HEADLINE was founded in 2004, when a former broomsquire named Atticus Von Headline set up a screenprinting operation in his San Francisco garage (shortly after realizing that broomsquiring was no longer a profession). Editor's note: Back then, garages were called "buggyports." Also, there was no garage. That's just a myth.

Headline quickly made a name for itself with unique t-shirt designs that were a reflection of the times -- politically charged, brash and (often) just plain weird. Over the next few years, HEADLINE evolved to make intelligently funny tees and apparel for a ever-growing audience of devoted followers.

To date, millions of HEADLINE designs have been sold worldwide, including every continent except what's left of Antarctica. Its fans include rock stars, comedians, All Pro linebackers, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. But through it all, the company has remained true to the words of its founder: "Dream big. Work hard. And put a damn t-shirt on."


From Left: Chris Hardwick wearing our "Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels" tee, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews repping his native "Cali Flag", Randy Jackson outshining J-Lo in "Space Invaders Flag", and Sir Patrick Stewart getting Shakespearian in "This Shit Writes Itself."


Our "Local Coverage" series pays homage to our home city of San Francisco, giving anyone who's ridden the 22 Fillmore, met Karl the Fog, or nearly been run over by a Mission hipster, something to relate to.



HEADLINE has been making intelligently funny tees and apparel from San Francisco since 2004. Back then, George W. Bush was president, gas cost $2, and t-shirts were called “torso shorts.” (Citation needed.) Over 10 years and millions of t-shirts later, we still have the same mission: to create fun, premium apparel that leaves an impression.