I'd Rather Be Sleeping Slouchy Tee
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I'd Rather Be Sleeping Slouchy Tee

Women's Triblend Slouchy Tee
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Can we just be honest for a second?

How many times have you wished you had an "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" t-shirt? It's the perfect comic relief for any occasion. Think about it. How hilarious would it have been if Richard Nixon had worn this shirt during his "I'm Not a Crook" speech? People would have been like, "Wait, why are we upset with this guy again?" Or what if Marion Barry had been wearing one when he was caught with crack in his hotel room? No one would have remembered his infamous "B-tch set me up!" line -- that's for sure. All they would've remembered was his amazing sense of humor!

Well, ok, maybe it's not the perfect shirt for any occasion. For instance, you probably wouldn't want to see an airline pilot wearing it while boarding the plane. And you certainly wouldn't want an EMT responding to an emergency call wearing one either. And it would have looked pretty weird if Martin Luther King had been wearing it during his historic "I Have A Dream" speech. Matter of fact, that would have been highly inappropriate.

I guess the takeaway here is to know your audience.

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I'd Rather Be Sleeping Slouchy Tee

Women's Triblend Slouchy Tee

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  • janey
  • Rating:
  • 8/31/16
  • Slouchy T's FTW
  • Love the slouchy T. I'd love it if all your T's were available in the slouchy version.

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