I Never Said That
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I Never Said That

Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt
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USD $24.00
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USD $24.00

What would Jesus do?

We don't claim to know what Jesus would say if he were here today. But we suspect he might set the record straight on his words getting taken out of context. Here are just a few things Jesus never said.

• He never got specific on his return date. (So please put those billboards away.)
• He never proclaimed himself a Republican, Democrat, socialist, or member of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party.
• He never declared any of the following a sin: same-sex marriage, immigration, Obamacare, Harry Potter books, animal rights or any of Miley Cyrus' VMA outfits.
• He never took a stand on "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays."
• He never declared his preference for a sports team, or implied that he might care about the outcome of a game. (Except that one weird verse about the 1990s Bills.)

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I Never Said That

Men's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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  • Overall Rating
  • Mike
  • Rating:
  • 5/19/17
  • Bought several as gifts, everyone loved them!
  • The shirt was especially apropos for several friends and family, go I bought 2. The order got lost, so customer service sent me replacements, no charge. When the original lost order showed up, I offered to pay for the replacements, but was told to keep them. The recipients were very happy (and amused) with their gifts and wore them immediately, and I got to make two extra people happy. Thanks!
  • Rob
  • Rating:
  • 4/9/17
  • Great F*cking Shirt.
  • Everyone wants one. I have 10 myself.
  • kbrandb
  • Rating:
  • 3/14/17
  • great surprise once people get close enough to read the text
  • Nice cotton shirt and true to the sized order (L)

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